VINEYARDS // 6.5 ha in CORNAS AOC (variety: Syrah), 4 ha in SAINT PÉRAY AOC (variety: Marsanne), 1 ha in SAINT JOSEPH AOC (variety: Syrah) and a few vines in CÔTES DU RHÔNE AOC (variety: Syrah). The Syrah vines are planted in decomposed granite, known locally as gore, on some of the most beautiful hillsides in the Cornas appellation.

CELLAR // The Syrah grapes used for the red wines are destemmed. Fermentation is done in small (30-50 hl) stainless-steel vats; temperatures are controlled, and caps are punched once or twice daily. Ageing is done in oak barrels for 14-24 months, according to the “strength” and requirements of each wine. For the white wines, the grapes are pressed whole. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation is done in barrels for Fleur de Crussol and Terres Boisées, then the wine is aged on lees for 12-16 months. The Harmonie cuvée is vinified then aged on lees in vats only for 10 months.

WINES // The various parcels are vinified separately, allowing production of several cuvées: CORNAS • Les Chailles • Les Vieilles Vignes • Les Vieilles Fontaines. SAINT PÉRAY • Harmonie • Terres Boisées • Fleur de Crussol. SAINT JOSEPHCÔTES DU RHÔNE RED • Les Peyrouses: 100% Syrah.

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The story starts with Alain Voge. A man quick to grasp that every struggle for a just cause keeps you moving forward. And life has not spared him! In the army, he refused the degrading disciplinary exercises, which prompted his later humanitarian work. In 1965, when a négociant refused to bring forward a payment when his father died, he decided to bottle his wine himself. Harrassed by “administrative problems”, he shut down his distilling business in 1981. Though his health plays tricks on him, he fights on. His weapons? The friendship of his rugby-playing friends and the tenacity of the eternal toiler he is. The story continues with Albéric Mazoyer: he advised Alain Voge on his estate. The story could have stopped there, the two men are so different. But that would have been to discount their mutual respect and friendship. Albéric now runs the estate, while Alain is never far away. Alain excelled in conventional grape-growing; Albéric has convinced him to go biodynamic. Alain trailblazed the ageing of white wine in barrels; Albéric encouraged him to do even better. Alain focused on French customers; Albéric spurred him to explore foreign markets. All his life, Alain has been a vineyard auteur; Albéric has turned his name into a brand on the labels. Alain wanted to keep his estate at any cost; Albéric has assured him he will perpetuate it, while also enhancing it. This duo are one mighty paradox! Neither has ever shirked his duty to the other, no doubt because, deep down, they speak the same language: quality.