VINEYARDS // In the hinterland of Aix en Provence, at 350 m altitude, 25 ha of vines: 16 ha in COTEAUX D’AIX EN PROVENCE AOC, 9 ha Vin de Pays. Organic cultivation (certified by Ecocert). Red grape varieites (75%): Syrah (5.5 ha), Grenache (5 ha), Cabernet Sauvignon (4.4 ha), Cinsault (1 ha). White grape varieties (25%): Chardonnay (2.3 ha), Rolle (1 ha), Sauvignon Blanc (1 ha), Ugni Blanc (2.2 ha).

CELLAR // Grapes hand-picked in crates or small bins, with stringent sorting in the vineyard. Destemming and crushing depending on year and type of wine. Small-capacity (50 and 100 hl) cement vats. Temperatures fully controlled.

WINES // Le Grand Blanc de Revelette • Le Grand Rouge de Revelette: concentrated, rich, complex, vinified and aged in barrels • Château Revelette blanc • Château Revelette rouge • Château Revelette rosé: traditional, typically Provençal cuvées: expressive, aromatic and aged in vats.


Peter et Sandra Fischer - 13490 Jouques
Tél. : +33 (0)4 42 63 75 43-Fax: +33 (0)4 42 67 62 04
Email : chateaurevelette@orange.fr

Man of value

To behold the perfect symmetry of Château de Revelette, the paths of neatly-pruned box trees, the mountain of Sainte-Victoire in the distance, to listen to the songs of the cicadas and birds, and to breathe the heady fragrances of the flowers and garrigue, you might think that Peter Fischer chose this place purely for his aesthetic satisfaction. But you would be forgetting a little hastily to what extent nature nurtures strong values in him: harmony with the area and its inhabitants, strength drawn from breathing and observing this land, patience to understand it, the will not to hurry time, faith in his convictions as human and farmer, and the sheer joy of existence. For Peter Fischer is a vibrant man for whom nature sustains body and mind. To some, he is a rebel, poet or pipedreamer. And what if Peter were simply a sage: someone masters things only after having understood and accepted them, someone who quietly wends his way towards an ideal of life, a life wholly focused on agriculture, his social and philosophical model. A grower conscious of his heritage, respectful of traditions but not only them. A grower in perpetual motion, attentive to his surroundings. A grower who loves the light shining on his vines but also when it clarifies his ideas. A grower who says without bitterness that over time he has changed, and so his wines have changed, too. The spirit of the place permeates the matter in his wines. Peter Fischer will never give