VINEYARDS // 5 ha (white) in SAINT JOSEPH AOC. 19.5 ha (red) in SAINT JOSEPH AOC, including 6 ha for Les Royes. Planted on slopes overlooking the village of Châteaubourg. 7.5 ha in Cornas AOC, in three lieux-dits: Champelrose, Les Eygats, La Sabarotte. Chalky-clay soils for white varieties Marsanne and Roussanne. Granitic arenas for the Syrah; chalky for Les Royes.

CELLAR // Grapes hand-picked, sorted and destemmed. Vinified in temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats. Long maceration. Aged in barrels and vats (Saint Joseph reds and whites); and in new and recent barrels (Cornas).

WINES // SAINT JOSEPH WHITE • Les Royes: Vine age: 30 years. 80% new barrels and 20% 1 year old • Domaine Courbis: 1/3 new barrels and 2/3 3 to 4 years old. SAINT JOSEPH RED • Les Royes: Wine for ageing, from chalky hillsides. 20% new barrels, 80% 1 to 2 years old • Domaine Courbis: vats and 50% recent barrels, and 50% 3 to 4 years old. CORNAS • Champelrose: Very old vines at foot of hill. 15% new barrels, 70% 1 year old barrels and 15% 2 years old barrels • Les Eygats: Vines at over 250 m altitude, planted in 1991, East/South-East facing, with an exceptional micro-climate. 50% new barrels and 50% 1 year old • La Sabarotte: From old vines (planted 1947) on South-East facing slopes. 100% new barrels.

Domaine Courbis
Dominique et Laurent Courbis 
Route de Saint Romain - 07130 Châteaubourg
Tél : +33(0)4 75 81 81 60   Fax: +33(0)4 75 40 25 39
Email : domaine.courbis@numeo.fr

Sustainable energies

A passion for wine? The expression makes the Courbis brothers chuckle. Yes, wine is (nearly) all their life. But how could it have been otherwise?With a family rooted in grape-growing since 1587, with a father who cleared and replanted hillsides where only a sturdy local could even stand up, a father who never really pushed them but secretly hoped his offspring would choose the family land. And so Dominique and Laurent, the first in 1988 and the second in 1993, naturally settled into the groove. But acting the virtuous sons was not an option. Dominique spent time in the United States, looking at other things and honing his curiosity. Laurent, meanwhile, was thinking about “quality-led choices and consumer tastes”. Clearly, changes had to be made. There were frictions with their father, an old-school patriarch. But today the results are visible: superb vines in breathtaking landscapes, wines of high typicity and elegance, and a fine reputation. Their father’s still there, but these days just for pleasure. Maybe he is secretly taking stock of the reasons for this success? The sons’ solid education, their rural common sense, their respect for the land and for people. And “the art of compromising with others but not being naive”, Laurent, mayor of Châteaubourg, would definitely add. Laurent loves this “role playing”, where, in sometimes hostile surroundings, he can observe others at will, the better to secure their support for his projects. “And moderation in all things”, Dominique would conclude. For him, the family firm no longer needs revolutionising but perpetuating. A word the father surely holds dear.