VINEYARDS // 18 ha in CROZES HERMITAGE AOC RED; 3 ha in CROZES HERMITAGE AOC WHITE. Gravelly soils of old alluvium; 1.5 ha in SAINT JOSEPH AOC RED. The vines are managed traditionally with, in particular, no chemical weedkillers. All soils are tilled.

CELLAR // Grapes hand-picked: unstemmed with pumping-over for Crozes Hermitage; destemmed with cap-punching for Saint Joseph. Vinified in temperature-controlled concrete vats. Long macerations, 18-20 days. Aged in recent barrels only.

WINES // CROZES HERMITAGE RED: Syrah (100%). Ages very well, but deeply expressive aromas make it highly attractive when young. CROZES HERMITAGE RED • La Guiraude: Syrah (100%). Selected from best barrels. Concentrated and harmonious, ideal for laying-down. CROZES HERMITAGE WHITE: Marsanne (80%) and Roussanne (20%). Fermented and aged in barrels, bottled early for drinking when young. SAINT JOSEPH RED: Syrah (100%). Best drunk when fruitiest: lay down for 4-5 years.

Domaine graillot
Alain et Maxime Graillot
Les Chênes Verts - 26600 Pont de l'Isère
Tél : +33(0)4 75 84 67 52   Fax: +33(0)4 75 84 79 33
Email : graillot.alain@wanadoo.fr

One of nature's activists

By the time you leave Alain Graillot, everything you imagined about him has been set straight. A hard-core organic grower? Pragmatic, rather, never accepting a label that would padlock his methods. Years ago, he was an engineer in the agrochemical industry. That part of his past subsequently saved him lots of time: no weedkillers, no pointless treatments. A self-assured man? A perpetual observer of nature, let’s say, because he feels it is “the basis of agriculture”. The previous owner of his estate worked all the vines by hand, they were well rooted. When he bought it in 1988, Alain Graillot could not imagine doing otherwise. A man backed by his reputation? Let’s say he never claims to know it all; he always listens to others, even with 20 years under his belt. With his son Maxime, now working alongside him, he has “gained and learned a great deal”. An intransigent man? Exacting, let’s say. Each morning, he happily heads off to his vines, repeating that he’s going to “make some good wine” and that he will never let down his Burgundy grower friends, “they’ve been there since day one, and we’ll never be ashamed of their help”. A partisan? Let’s say committed to keeping his freedom of choice: joining an anti-GM crop group is his way of flouting the rules laid down by the great powers of the food industry. A traditional father? Let’s say anxious to pass on his artisanal craft to Maxime, so that this ancestral farming expertise is never lost. By the time you leave Alain Graillot, you say to yourself that you have met a free man; that the earth is firmly anchored in his head and feet.